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Can you say upsells, downsells, audios, videos, live chat... or just about anything else imaginable? The possibilities are endless!

In today’s market it’s harder work and more expensive than ever to get traffic to your site.

With this in mind, it makes even more sense to take a few added steps to turn as many visitors as you possibly can into new prospects and confirmed buyers...

before they can leave to buy something else!

On Average.... 95% or more of your visitors are leaving, going somewhere else to make their purchases & filling someone else's pockets full of their money!

No More Worries.... today we’re offering COMPLETE ACCESS to the ultimate tool that helps suck in extra optins, increase conversions by 200% to 300% and make your sites as sticky as flypaper.

This Simply Cannot Be Stopped

Brain Dead Easty.... if you can copy & paste some code in to your html documents then upload newly updated files using your own FTP, cPanel or whichever option is provided by your web hosting service you’ll have zero problems with this script.

Get Started Today.... and stop losing money and optins to your competitors!

These Same Strategies Have Increased My Own Income By 10% Or More And They're So Easy To Use I'm Done In Just 5 Minutes Or less!

However, you're probably sitting there thinking.... "That's nice and all, but what can it do for ME and how can it increase my profits?"

...and if that's the case you're on the right track. These are very good questions, which most people are never bold enough to ask, but we all have these thoughts buried somewhere in the back of our minds. I'm no different than you. We see an offer and try to ask ourselves WHY we would need the new product, service or information being presented. The answer is simple.

There Are Only 5 Primary Things You Truly Need To Get Started

You need a RED HOT OFFER that people feel they just can't live without! This is step one in any promotion.
You need to continually be working on building an email list and good relations with your members.
Once you've made a sale the next thing you need as at least one upsell and one downsell to increase your profits.
And when someone comes to your offer and tries to leave you need an exit offer sales strategy set up.
The final thing you need almost goes without saying, as traffic is the life blood of all successful sales funnels.
Some people would go as far as telling you... without the 4 main elements above you're setting yourself up for failure, which may sound a bit extreme at first, but give it some thought for a moment.

While I do realize there are many marketers who make a decent living doing nothing other than redirecting traffic to an affiliate offer and promoting products and services they don't even own, these same people are not working on a long term business plan or creating business models which are sustainable in 99.9% of all cases.

Reseller Tools
Includes Sales Page - Yes
Includes Download Page - No
Other Included Pages - Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer, Refund Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, Website Template
Notable Reseller Extras - 6+ Minute Sales Video, Instruction Guide
Distribution Rights

Resale Rights - Yes
Master Resale Rights - Yes
Private Label Rights - No
Giveaway Rights - No
Offered as a Bonus - Yes
Full Product Copyrights - No
Full Graphic Copyrights - No
May Modify Product - No
Packaged with Other Products - Yes
Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes
Added to Free Membership Websites - No
May Publish Offline - No
May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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