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Authors Summary

Look, Im not going to sugar coat it for you.

You either have a good resume that gets the attention of potential employers and generates phone calls for interviews or you dont get a job.

A bad resume will get you nothing but a good laugh (which you wont even get to see) from the potential employer and a place in the trash can.

With the recession, the increasing number of new graduates, increasing unemployment rates, and the fierce competition for employment, you better have a resume that gets attention.

Remember this...

The Best Resume gets The First Phone Call.


Just to make this absolutely clear, I want you to realize one very important thing...

The Best Resume Gets The First Phone Call. Period.

If youre resume sucks, your resume gets trashed. If your resume rocks, you get the first phone call and make a big impact on the potential employer.

You want your resume to get the person reading it excited to talk to you.

You want them to look at your resume and imagine you in the position that they are hiring for so that they are enthusiastic about getting in touch with you.

If your resume does this, you get the coveted phone call to come in for an interview.

You cant very well get to that interview if you dont get the person reading your resume excited enough to call, now can you?

Of course not.

Now here comes the tough question...

Does your resume convey an image of a professional and exciting person that sounds like a dream to work with?

Do you think an employer is going to want to call you after reading your resume?

Do you even know what a good resume looks or sounds like?

Dont Worry. Youre about to learn how to create the kind of resume that bill gates would feel Privileged to Read

Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that a good resume will make Bill Gates hire you but it will give you the ability to get your skill set in front of impressive people like that!

With a good resume, youll get the attention of the most important people that will want to learn more about you and possibly hire you.

Also remember that if your resume gives the person reading it a positive impression before even talking to you, that feeling will carry over to the phone call and ultimately to the interview.

This means that you have an advantage through the entire hiring process because of your resume if done properly!

Get Your dream Job!

Create A Resume that makes potential employers excited To Work With You!

* A fun and easy to understand video course covered in Under 2 hours
* Learn the secrets of the resume pros so that you get hired fast!
* Attention getting tricks of the trade that make employers call you!
* What your local resume seminar isnt telling you that is vital to your success!
* You dont have to be a resume writing pro to do this!

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* Notable Reseller Extras - Graphic Sets (3), Banner Ads (20), Promo Emails (10), 5 Day eCourse, and more.

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* May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes

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